Junior Paper Awards

Funding for Undergraduate Research Fellows in the Study of Religion

Sophomores and Juniors seeking funding for JUNIOR PAPERS


Center for the Study of Religion has funds available to support a limited number of Junior Papers in the study of religion with a focus on any religious tradition. Awards vary in amount from $100 to $1000 with $250 being an average award size for Juniors. Students are encouraged to apply to other sources of funding in addition to CSR.

Award recipients will be named “Undergraduate Research Fellows” at Center for the Study of Religion and will be asked to report on their research informally. Fellows will also be invited to participate in other center events relevant to their research.  Current Undergraduate Research Fellows are listed here. To apply, please complete the application form below, following the directions to attach a Word document containing a 2-3 page proposal of your research plans and a 1-page budget.

The current application deadline is Wednesday, April 15, 2015.  Applications will also be accepted in the Fall and Spring of each year. Please contact CSR with any questions at 258-2281 or csrelig@princeton.edu.

Funding Application for JUNIOR PAPERS

**Juniors and Seniors seeking funds for Senior Theses should NOT use this application.  CSR participates in the common Senior Thesis Funding application process through the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE).  A link to the online application is here: http://www.princeton.edu/studentfunding/.

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