Religion and Culture Schedule

Spring 2014

Feb. 11: Lunch discussion with Josh Dubler, “Religion in American Prison.”
Feb. 18th:
Present: Valeria Escauriaza-Lopez Fadul, “Language as Archive: Etymologies and the Ancient History of the New World”
Respond: Rebecca Johnson

Feb. 25:
Present: Rebecca Johnson, “Feud, Kinship, and Possession: A New Look at the Ghost of Beaucaire”
Respond: Simon Wolfgang Fuchs

March 4:
Present: Jenny Wiley Legath, “Phoebe Phenomenon: The Protestant Deaconess Movement in the United States, 1880-1930. A Book Proposal”
Respond: Valeria López Fadul

March 11:
Present: Rebecca Johnson, “Grant this Creature a Soul: Stillbirth, Baptism, and Infant Revival”
Respond: Mika Ahuvia

March 18th: SPRING BREAK

March 25:
Present: Megan Brankley Abbas, “Cultivating a Hermeneutic for Development: Leonard Binder, Fazlur Rahman, and the University of Chicago”
Respond: Jenny Wiley Legath

April 1:
Present: Doug Gildow, “The Contemporary Seminary System: Regulated Revival Since 1980”
Respond: Rebecca Johnson

April 8:
Present: Mika Ahuvia, “Yannai and the Angels”
Respond: Ana Sabau

April 15:
Present: Simon Wolfgang Fuchs, “Abu mu ‘awiyah’s Longings for the State: the Dialectics of the Local and Transnational in Sunni-Shi’i Sectarianism”
Respond: Doug Gildow

April 22:
Present: Magalie Myoupo, “Secular Sainthood in the Nineteenth Century: A Literary Utopia”
Respond: Jenny Wiley Legath

April 29:
Present: Ana Sabau, “The Voice of the Dead: A Spiritual Revolution, Approaches to Mexico’s Turn of the Century (1891-1896)”
Respond: Megan Brankley Abbas
Fall 2013

Sept. 18: Mika Ahuvia, “At Home with Angels: Ritual Texts from Jewish Babylonia and Palestine”
Respondent: Rebecca Johnson

Sept. 25: Ana Sabau, “Political Archaeologies: Re-Writing the History of Christianization: Servando Teresa de Mier and Jose Ignacio Borunda in the Spanish American Independence”
Respondent: Valeria Lopez Fadul

Oct. 2: Rebecca Johnson, “The Anxieties of Pregnancy: Physicians, Saints, and Expectant Mothers in the Middle Ages”
Respondent: Helen Pfeifer

Oct. 9: Megan Brankley Abbas, “A Modernist Madrasah in Hyde Park? Encounters between the University of Chicago and Indonesian Islamic Intellectuals”
Respondent: Doug Gildow

Oct. 16: Doug Gildow, “The Making of Modern Monastics”
Respondent: Simon W. Fuchs

Oct. 23: Jan an Haack, “Have you Spread the ‘Good News’? Evangelical Mission as an Economy of Affect”
Respondent: Megan Brankley Abbas

Oct. 30: Fall Break

Nov. 6: Valeria Lopez Fadul, “Speaking the Past: Etymologies, Translation and Empire in Early Modern Spain (1492-1650)”
Respondent: Mika Ahuvia

Nov. 13: Simon W. Fuchs, “Importing the Revolution: Pakistani Readings of the Islamic Republic of Iran”
Respondent: Ana Sabau

Nov. 20: Helen Pfeifer, “The Cultural Infrastructure of Empire: City-Hopping and the Road to a Pan-Ottoman Islamic Sociability”
Respondent: Jim Bell

Nov. 27: Thanksgiving Week

Dec. 4: Jim Bell, “Empire, Religion, and Revolution in Early New England, 1686-1783”
Respondent: Jan an Haack

Spring 2013
February 6:
Presenter: Chris Mayo, “War and Religious Rituals in Sixteenth-Century Japan: Praying to Deities”
Respondent: Daniel Rivers

February 13:
No session

February 20:
Presenter: Jun Hu, ” Many Lives of the Hakkakuendo: Domed buildings, Sacred Icons and Hagiography in Eighth-century Nara”
Respondent: Martha Finch

February 27:
Presenter: David Jorgenson, “Pure and Hybridized Strains of the Parable of the Sower”
Respondent: Ross Lerner

March 6:
Presenter: Christine Bourgeois, “The Medieval Saint Anthony: Centaurs, Visions and Madness in Original Vitae 1200-1503”
Respondent: Alex Bevilacqua

March 13:
Presenter: Rozaliya Garipova, “Institutionalizing the Mahalla and the Duties of the Ulama”

Spring Break

March 27:
Presenter: Alexander Bevilacqua, “Herbelot’s Oriental Bouquet”
Respondent: Rozaliya Garipova

April 3:
Presenter: Dan Vaca, “Evangelicalism Incorporated: Dwight L. Moody’s ‘Publisher of Evangelical Literature'”

April 10:
Presenter: Jun Hu

April 17:
Presenter: Martha Finch, “Christian Simplicity and Plainness: (Ad)dressing Antebellum Protestants”
Respondent: Dan Vaca

April 24:
Presenter: Christopher Mayo, “Mobilizing Deities: War and Religious Rituals in Sixteenth-Century Japan: Naming a Warlord”
Respondent: Andrew Johnson

May 1:
Presenter: Ross Lerner, “Fanaticism as Tragedy: Sacrifice and Passion in Samson Agonistes”
Respondent: Sam Goldman

Fall 2012

September 26:
Presenter: David Jorgensen, “Iraenaeus, the Valentinians, and the Rhetoric of Exegesis”
Respondent: Sam Goldman

October 3:
Presenter: Christopher Mayo, “War and Religious Rituals in Sixteenth-Century Japan: Swearing Oaths to Gods and Buddhas”
Respondent: Rozaliya Garipova

October 10:
Presenter: Andrew Johnson, “Getting into the Belly of the Beast: Prison Ethnography”
Respondent: Ross Lerner

October 17:
Presenter: Dan Vaca, “Functional Fundamentalists: Reformed Book Publishers and Evangelical Horizons in Grand Rapids”
Respondent: Martha Finch

October 24:
Presenter: Christine Bourgeois, “Reading the Fathers and Rewriting Authority: Anthony and the (Re)Invention of Saintly Replication”
Respondent: David Jorgensen

November 7
Presenter: Samual Goldman
Respondent: Dan Vaca (or in case of unavailability, Matty Lichtenstein)

November 14:
Presenter: Andrew Johnson, “Pentecostalism in Rio de Janeiro: The Faith of the Killable People”
Respondent: Daniel Rivers

November 28:
Presenter: Alex Bevilacqua, “Understanding Islam in the Early Enlightenment”
Respondent: Christine Bourgeois

December 5:
Presenter: Ross Lerner, “Fanaticism in Hobbes’ Leviathan”
Respondent: Christopher Mayo

December 12:
Presenter: Rozaliya Garipova, “The Transformation of Religious Authority of Akhunds in the Volga-Ural Muslim Community under Russian Imperial Rule in the Late 18th-Early 20th Centuries”
Respondent: Alexis Bevilacqua
2011-2012 Schedule
Spring 2012

Feb. 7: Kate Carte Engel, “Whose Interest? Transatlantic Protestant Community on the Eve of the American Revolution” – Lev Weitz, Respondent

Feb. 13: Lev Weitz, “Kinship, Law, and Exegetical Tradition, or, Why Can’t an East Syrian Marry Her Cousin?” – Bryan Lowe, Respondent

Feb. 20: Elesha Coffman, “The Christian Century and the Rise of the Protestant Mainline: Bombshells” – Sam Goldman, Respondent

Feb. 27: Lit, “God as Laboratory: Inventing Fear in Erasmus’ Disputatiuncula de Taedio (1503)” – Thomas Carlson, Respondent

March 5: Bryan Lowe, “Haunted by Demons, Watched by Kings” – Lit, Respondent

March 12: Samuel Goldman, “The Facts of Life: Leo Strauss’ Critique of Neo-Kantianism” – Dan Stolz, Respondent

March 19: Spring Break

March 26: Thomas Carlson, “The Rituals of Life Together” – April Hughes, Respondent

April 2: Dan Stolz, “Merit and Truth: Merging Astronomical Traditions in Late Ottoman Egypt” – Sarit Kattan Gibretz, Respondent

April 9: George Laufenberg – Kate Carte Engel, Respondent

April 16: Jessica Delgado – George Laufenberg, Respondent

April 23: April Hughes – Elesha Coffman, Respondent

April 30: Sarit Kattan Gibretz – Jessica Delgado, Respondent
Fall 2011

Sept. 27: Thomas Carlson, “Conceptual Communities” – Jessica Delgado, respondent
Oct. 5: Bryan Lowe, “Prayer: Imagining the Cosmos” – Sarit Kattan-Gibretz, respondent

Oct. 11: Lev Weitz, “Breaking the Bond: Divorce in the East Syrian Law Books” – Lit, respondent

Oct. 18: Lit, “A Reformation of Tears: The Emotions of God in Early Modern China” – Dan Stolz, respondent

Oct. 25: George Laufenberg, “Relationship as Resistance: Spiritual Experience and American Mental Health Care” –Sam Goldman, respondent

Nov. 1: BREAK

Nov. 8: Elesha Coffman, “The Christian Century and the Rise of the Protestant Mainline: Cultural Capital” — Kate Carte Engel, respondent

Nov. 15: Samuel Goldman, “The Theologico-Political Problem” – April Hughes, respondent

Nov. 22: Dan Stolz, “The Deaf Shayk: Traditionalism and the Continuity of Islamic Astronomy in 19th-Century Egypt” — Elesha Coffman, respondent

Nov. 29: Jessica Delgado, “Sacramental Power, Sacramental Practice: Confession, Communion, and Laywomen in Colonial Mexico” — Bryan Lowe, respondent

Dec. 6: April Hughes, “Waiting for Darkness: Apocalypticism in Early Medieval China” — Tom Carlson, respondent

Dec. 13: Sarit Kattan-Gribetz, “Time-Bound: Men’s and Women’s Morning and Evening Rituals” — George Laufenberg, respondent
2009-2010 Schedule
Spring 2010

February 3
Presentation, Amy Kittelstrom
“Self-Culture as Liberal Piety: Between Nature and the Supernatural”
Respondent: Jessica

February 10 (Snow)

February 17
Presentation, Beth Stroud
“First Impressions: Emily Post’s Christening Etiquette”
Respondent: Bella

February 24
Presentation: Eric Gregory
“Augustinians and the New Liberalism”
“America and the Church,” introduction

March 3
Presentation: Joseph Moshenka
“Styles of Piety, Styles of Touch in Early Modern England”
Respondent: Ricky

March 10
Presentation: Ethan Lindsay
“The First Pilgrimage by a Buddhist King to Koyasam”
Respondent: Beth


March 24
Presentation: Bella Tendler
“Initiation in Nusayri Shiism”
Respondent: Phil

March 31
Presentation, Anthony Petro
“Catholics and Condoms: Cardinal O’Connor and AIDS Politics in NYC”
Respondent: Amy

April 7
Presentation, Phil Haberkern
“The Human Face of Doctrine: From the Universal to the Individual in Lutheran Church History”
Respondent: Ethan

April 14
Presentation, Ricky Martin
“The Sincerity of Subjunctivity”
Respondent: Phil

April 21
Presentation, Jessica Delgado
“Sacred Practice, Intimate Power: Laywomen and the Church in Colonial Mexico”
Respondent: Joseph M.

April 28
Presentation, Joseph Witztum
Respondent: Anthony

May 5
Presentation, Krisztina Szilagyi
“The Arabian Saint: Christian Hagiographical Motifs in Muslim Narratives of Muhammad’s Death”
Respondent: Joseph W.
Fall 2009

September 23
September 30
Presentation, Joseph Moshenska (ENG)
“’Feeling Pleasures’: The Sense of Touch in the English Renaissance”
Respondent: Ethan

October 7
Presentation, Ricky Martin (ANT)
“Powerful Inscriptions: Sadomasochism, Germany and the Politics of Order”
Respondent: Jessica

October 14,
Presentation, Amy Kittelstrom (REL)
“Self-Culture as Sacred Duty: Antebellum Liberals and Natural Divine Sovereignty”
Respondent: Anthony

October 21
Presentation, Beth Stroud
“Affluent White Protestant Birth and Baptism in Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia: Two Accounts.”
Respondent: Amy

October 28
Presentation, Anne Lykke (REL)
“Pagan Iconography on Jewish Coins? Iconographic Elements Used During the Time of the Bar Kokhba-Revolt (132-135 AD)”
Respondent: Joe M.


November 11
Presentation, Antony Petro (REL)
“After the Wrath of God: AIDS, Sexuality, and American Religion”
Respondent: Lindsay

November 18,
Presentation, Joseph Witztum (NES)
“Syriac Literature and the Qur’ān: The Origins of Early Islamic Biblical Narratives”
Respondent: Petra

MONDAY, November 23
Presentation, Bella Tendler (NES)
The culture of secrecy in Nusari Shiism; the development of early Islamic heterodoxy
Respondent: Krisztina

December 2
Presentation, Petra Schierl
“The ‘deus’ in Latin Bucolic Poetry”
Respondent: Anne

December 9
Presentation, Lindsay Reckson (ENG)
“Realist Ecstasy: The Afterlife of Enthusiasm in American Literature, 1880-1920”
Respondent: Amy

December 16
Presentation, Ethan Lindsay (REL)
The early history of a sacred mountain, Koyasan, in Japan
Respondent: Bella

In 2008-2009 the workshop was led by Professor Stephen F. Teiser (Department of Religion). Topics and presenters were:
Sept. 24 David Decosimo, The Banality of Comparison; Respondent: Kathryn Lofton
Oct. 3* Laura Leon-Llerena, Extirpation and Writing: Denouncing Idolatry in Early Seventeenth-century Peru; Respondent: Jack Tannous
Oct. 8 Intisar Rabb, Islamic Law and Lenity: Rules of Structure or Public Values?; Respondent: Aviva Rothman
Oct. 15 Moulie Vidas, The Function and Development of Authorship in the Talmud; Respondent: Rebecca Harmon
Oct. 22 Daniel J. Hanna, Poetry in the Early French Carmel: The Tradition of Teresa of Avila; Respondent: Mairaj Syed
Nov. 5 Kathryn Lofton, Oprah: The Gospel of an Icon; Respondent: Moulie Vidas
Nov. 12 Rebecca Harmon, Word-Painting (as) Evidence; Respondent: Intisar Rabb
Nov. 19 Aviva Rothman, A Community of Believers: Johannes Kepler & Religious Community in 17th c. Europe; Respondent: David Decosimo
Dec. 3 Jack Tannous, Between Hunayn and Sergios: On the History of Qenneshre; Respondent: Daniel J. Hanna
Dec. 10 Mairaj Syed, The Problem of Coercion in the Formative Period of Islamic Law; Respondent: Laura Leon-Llerena
Feb. 16 Kathryn Lofton, “What Would Oprah Do? Celebrity and Corporate Religion in the Twenty-First Century”; Respondent: Daniel J. Hanna
Feb. 23 Jack Tannous, “George, Bishop of Which Arab Tribes?”; Respondent: Petra Schierl
March 2 Laura Leon-Llerena, “The Uses of Knowledge in Colonial Peru: The Case of Father
Francisco de Avila”;Respondent: Moulie Vidas
March 9 Rebecca Harmon, “Witnessing Words”;Respondent: Aviva Rothman
March 23 David Decosimo, “The Desire of All Things: God and Goodness in the Summa Theologiae”;Respondent: Jack Tannous
March 30 Moulie Vidas, “Recitation, Dialectic and Identity in Late Ancient Mesopotamia”; Respondent: Laura Leon-Llerena
April 6 Daniel J. Hanna, “Defending Tradition, Defending Against Jansenism: Theater in the Carmelite Convent of Saint-Denis, 1752”; Respondent: Kathryn Lofton
April 13 Mairaj Syed, “Coercion in Early Islamic Legal Discourse”; Respondent: Rebecca Harmon
April 20 Petra Schierl, “Locus Amoenus and Monastery Garden: Bucolic Poetry from Classical to Late Antiquity”; Respondent: David Decosimo
April 27 Aviva Rothman, “From Cosmos to Confession: Kepler and the Connection between Cosmological and Religious Truth”; Respondent: Mairaj Syed

Topics and presenters for 2007-2008 were:

William J. Bulman, “Constantine’s Enlightenment: Culture And Religious Politics In The Early British Empire” and “Catechizing and English religious politics in 1674: Lancelot Addison’s The Primitive Institution in context.”

Stephen S. Busch, “Experience and Power in Lived Religion” and “The Ethics of Ecstasy: The Status of Religious Experience in Religious Ethics.”

Darren Dochuk, “The New Southern Gospel of Wealth.”

Susan Gunasti, “Trends Relating to the Qur’an in Post-Tanzimat Istanbul” and “Kant’s Reception in Early Twentieth-Century Turkey.”

Matthew S. Hedstrom, “Faith in Reading: Religious Liberalism, Democratic Pluralism, and American Public Libraries, 1916-1948.”

Zehavi Husser, “Why Study Communities?”

Paul A. Macdonald Jr.. “The Incarnation and Theodicy.”

Katherine Marsengill, “The Panel Portrait and Icon” and “The Imperial Icon.”

David A. Michelson, “Proof Texts for the Ineffable: Syriac Commentaries on Knowing Christ through Scripture.”

Sarah A. Paden, “Ethics of the Ear: Values and Virtues of Improvisation” and “Resonant Values: the Concurrence of Asian Sacred Traditions and Musical Experimentalism in America, 1960-Present.”

Richard Payne, “Christian Elites and Ecclesiastical Factionalism in the Sixth Century Sasanian Empire: The ‘Reforms’ of Mar Aba.”

Manu Radhakrishnan, “The Cantigas de Santa María” and “Vernacular Hagiography in Late Medieval Italy: The Life of Saint Marina.”

Andrea Schatz, “Detours in a ‘Hidden Land’: Samuel Romanelli’s Masa ba‘rav.”

Lauren F. Winner, “Elizabeth Washington’s Fish Sauce: Eating and Ecclesial Time-keeping in Early Virginia.”

Jimmy Y. Yu, “The Deceased Widow as Entertainment and Revenant: Alternative Readings of the Practice of Female Chastity.”

Other Participants & Respondents: Morten Braender, Ovidiu Creanga, Cynthia Eller, Jun Fujii