Faith & Work Initiative

Project Director David W. Miller and his recent book

The study of religion often investigates beliefs, rituals, and practices, and how they manifest themselves in various spheres of life.  One such sphere, the workplace, is emerging as an important field of inquiry, where the role of faith and work is of increasing academic and practical interest. For many, faith is what shapes and informs their value system, ethics, character, leadership, and their attitude toward work.  Research shows that many students, workers, marketplace professionals, and leaders wish to live a holistic life that integrates, among other things, faith and work, but have few resources to help them do that.  To address this, in 2008 CSR Director Robert Wuthnow proposed and the Academic Planning Group endorsed the founding of the Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative.  The Initiative is housed in the Center for the Study of Religion.

The purpose of the Princeton Faith & Work Initiative is to generate intellectual frameworks and practical resources for the issues and opportunities surrounding faith and work.  The Initiative investigates the ways in which the resources of various religious traditions and spiritual identities shape and inform engagement with such workplace issues as ethics, values, vocation, meaning, purpose, and how people live out their faith in an increasingly diverse and pluralistic world.  The Initiative explores pressing marketplace topics, including global competition and its ramifications, wealth creation and poverty, ethics, diversity and inclusion, conflicting stakeholder interests, and social responsibility.

The Faith & Work Initiative accomplishes its mission through a mixture of research, teaching, lectures, and conferences, and other programs geared toward students, academics, and leaders in the marketplace. The Initiative draws on the resources found in many of the world’s great religious traditions and teachings, as well as on interdisciplinary insights and dialogue with a wide range of thought leaders.

The founding Director of the Princeton University Faith & Work Initiative is David W. Miller.  His academic appointment is Associate Research Scholar in CSR, and Lecturer in the Department of Religion. David came to us from Yale University, where for five years he helped establish, build, and lead the Yale Center for Faith & Culture, serving as its Executive Director, and Director of its Ethics and Spirituality in the Workplace Program. In parallel, he taught at Yale Divinity School and School of Management. David brings a “bi-lingual” perspective, having spent 16 years in senior executive positions in international business and finance before entering academia and receiving his M.Div. and Ph.D. in social ethics. You may contact David at