Undergraduate Theses

Undergraduate Theses Funded by the Center for the Study of Religion

Undergraduate Theses, 2011-2012
John Butler ’12 , Art and Archaeology, “St. Charles Borromeo, Church Art and Architecture and the Council of Trent”
Trent Fuenmayor ’12 , WWS, “Comparative study between Religious Aid Organizations and Secular NGO’s in East Africa”
Lauren Jackson ’12 , History, “Comparison of North African Muslim Immigrants’ Experience in France and United States”
Julia Keimach ’12 , English, “‘Hero of an Age’: An original play examining illegal theatre in England during the Interregnum Period”
Hasan Onder Polat ’12 , Economics, “Economic Analysis of Ethnic Religious and Tribal Politics”
Michele Tyler ’12 , Anthropology, “Homeboy Industries: Cycles of Violence, Religion, and Gangs in Downtown L.A.”
Julia Vill ’12 , History, “The Pre-Roe Pro-Life Movement in Minnesota and New York”
Undergraduate Theses, 2010-2011
Hollis Barber ’11 , History, “Republican Universalism or Discrimination: Policing of Algerian Immigrants in Paris During the Algerian War of Independence”
Adam Bradlow ’11 , Anthropology, “Countryside Joy: An Ethnographic Account of Urban and Rural Identity in Contemporary China”
Gabriela Gonzales-Araiza ’12 , Politics, “Religious Authorities and Voting Behavior in the United States”
Colleen Kent ’11 , History, “Love Thy Neighbor: An Early History of the New York Sisters of Mercy”
Aarian Marshall ’12 , Religion, “The Earth is the Lord’s, and Which Side Are You On? Faith-Based Environmental Activism in the Appalachian Coalfields”
Anneliese Mondschein ’11 , Art and Archaeology,”The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts: A Memling Portrait and its Missing Pendant Panel”
Benjamin Oseroff ’11 , Near Eastern Studies, “The Ethics of Prevention: Counseling, Consanguinity, and Premarital Testing for Beta Thalassemia in Jordan”
Liz Parsons ’11 , History, “Empire State of ‘Mind, Body, and Spirit’: World War I, Christian Empire, and Collaboration between the Young Men’s Christian Association and Princeton University 1917”
Patricia Sever ’11 , Spanish and Poruguese, “La vaga coherencia del mundo: Perception and Creation in Adolfo Bioy Casares’ La invencion de Morel and Plan de evasion
Kit Thayer ’11 , History, “Benjamin Disraeli, Lionel de Rothschild and Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Jewry”
The following theses are available for perusal in the library of 5 Ivy Lane.
Undergraduate Theses, 2011-2012
Daniel Bohac ’12, Religion, “The Apocryphon of James and Early Christian “Wisdom Gospels””
Elizabeth Cooper ’12 , Anthropology, “Mind and Body in Spiritual Communities”
Marjorie Crowell ’12 , Sociology, “Use of Contraception among College-Age Youth in Ireland”
Jonathan Evans ’12, Anthropology, “‘With Cloven Tongues like as of Fire’: Glossolalia and the Sacred Collective”
Elena Garadja ’12 , Philosophy, “Kant and Nietzsche’s philosophy of religion”
Julie Han ’12, Psychology, “The Impact of Religiosity/Spirituality on Somatic Sympoms and Health Behaviors in College Undergraduates”
Diana Lam ’12. Archaeology, “Informal Cities and Urban Growth: An Investigation of Dharavi, Mumbai”
Aarian Marshall ’12 , Religion, “Coalfields and a Comparative Study of Faith-Based Political Organizing”
Amelia Ridgeway ’12 , Religion, “Tibetan Buddhism”
Michelle Ripplinger ’12, English, “Reading and Authorship in the Wife of Bath’s Prologue”
Miriam Rosenbaum ’12 , WWS, “The Portrayal of Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox) Israeli Women in Film and Media”
Undergraduate Theses, 2009-2010
Ellen Adams ’10, Comparative Literature/Creative Writing, “In Certain Circles: Outsiders in Contemporary Spain.”
Carey Batschi ’10 , Anthropology, “In the Secrecy of Sisterhood: Women Blessing and Healing Mormonism.”
Jeffrey Campbell ’10 , Art and Archaeology, “Exploring Syncretism in Colonial Latin American Marian Imagery.”
Eunjeong Chi ’11 , Art and Archaeology, “Objects of Ritual and Distinction: A Review of the Art Historical Scholarship of Yoruba Beaded Crowns.”
Hannah Cohen ’11 , Religion, “Prosperity Theology in Lakewood Church.”
Rachel Dunn ’10 , English, “‘Mee Thinks I Play at Football with the Stars’: Lady Hester Pulter’s Unpublished Devotion.”
Peale Iglehart ’10, Religion, “Give Us This Day Our Daily Blog: Exploring Anonymity, Authenticity, and Vulnerability in Online Christian Communities.”
Faaria Kherani ’10 , Religion, “From Mao to Mecca and Back Again: Recovering Yunnanese Hui Identity through the Resurrection of Islamic Pilgrimage.”
Alexandra Krupp ’10 , Religion, “Judaism as an American Brand: The Marketing of Jewish Identity.”
Jane McClintock ’10 , Religion, “Pepe: Puerto Rico’s Presbyterian Ministers and the Question of Americanization.”
Matin Modarressi ’10 , Politics, “Politics of Archaeology in Islam.”
Elizabeth Presser ’10 , Classics, “A Production of Euripides’ Medea: Directing Medea in the Chapel.”
Jeffrey Richmond-Moll ’10 , Art and Archaeology, “Marginality in Henry Ossawa Tanner’s Biblical Paintings.”
Elizabeth Smith ’10 , Religion, “Synagogue Life and Contemporary American Reform Judaism.”
Michelle Thompson ’10 , Near Eastern Studies, “Islam and the Black Body: An Investigation of the Role and Instrumentalization of Islam in Two African American Communities.”
Amelia Thompson-DeVeaux ’11 , Religion, “’Hooking Up’ and the Divine Plan: Catholicism, Feminism, and the Challenges of Navigating Campus Sexual Culture.”
Noelle Vinson ’10 , Religion, “The Invisible Village: An Exploration of the Religious, Spiritual and Social Values of African Americans Belonging to Upper Middle Class Social Networks.”
Allison Wood ’10 , Near Eastern Studies, “The Story of Liberal Islam: Sources of Controversy in Egypt and Indonesia.”
Undergraduate Theses, 2008-2009
Charlotte Glennie ’09, Classics, “Methods and Problems in Management of Archaeological Sites.”
Robert Griest ’09, Religion, “Gore-Tex Pilgrims: The Impact of Tourism on the Religious Culture of India.”
Jaryn Horner ’09, History, “The Place of Islam in Medieval Cordoba.”
Laura Johnson ’09, English, “Female Confession in the Novels of George Eliot and Charlotte Brontë.”
Jordan Kisner ’09, Religion, “Wrestling with the Angel: Homosexuality, Religion and the Politics of Progress in Angels in America.”
Rebecca Nyquist ’09, Religion, “Beyond Blood and Creed: A New Perspective on Children of Interfaith Marriage.”
Karen Okigbo ’09, Politics, “No Victor, No Vanquished: The Role of Ethnicity and Religion in the Nigeria-Biafra War.”
Colin Pfeiffer ’09, Anthropology, “Hope Amidst Desolation: Dispatches from the Aral Sea.”
David Ponton III ’09, Religion, “Everyday Pentecostals, Everyday Human Beings.”
Kate Poole ’09, Religion, “The Asoke Group: A Modern Thai Buddhism Rethinking Religion and Economics.”
Wasim Shiliwala ’09, Near Eastern Studies, “The Rise of National Muslim
 Educational Institutions in America.”
Abigail Smith ’09, Religion, “Healing Latin America: The Impact of Holistic Pentecostal Healing on Community Development and the Reduction of Poverty.”
Isaiah Soval-Levine ’09, Near Eastern Studies, “Istanbul to Islambul: the Transformation of a City Through Migration, Globalization, and the Creation of an Islamic Identity.”
Emmelyn Stevens ’09, Art & Archaeology, “A Mystic for the Moment: Zurbaran’s Monastic Commissions at Guadalupe and Jerez de la Frontera.”
Zimmerman, Zach ’10, Religion, “Bringing Up Buddhists in America: An Institutional, Parental, and Material Analysis of the Childhood Religious Education Practices of North American Buddhist Converts.”
Undergraduate Theses, 2007-2008
Robert Bernstein ’08, Religion, “Shades of Gray: Religion, Aging and Adaptation in Retirement Communities of the American Sunbelt.”
Alex Katten-Narvell ’08, Religion, “Tinseltown Transcendence: How Hollywood Shapes America in Its Image.”
Sonya Hsieh ’08, Woodrow Wilson School, “Taiwanese Church and State: Presbyterian Advocacy in the Independence Movement.”
Celene Lizzio ’08, Near Eastern Studies, “Pragmatics and the Qur’ān: A Juxtaposition of Modern Revisionary Hermeneutics.”
Lubna Malik ’08, Woodrow Wilson School, “Separation: The Vital Need.”
Elizabeth Malta ’08, English, “The Way to Wonder: A Study of Travel and Marvel in Irish Sea-Voyage Narratives”
Janna McLeod ’08, Religion, “The Church of St. Francis Xavier: Religious Radicalism and its Limitations in the Roman Catholic Church.”
Daniel Samit ’08, East Asian Studies, “The Filming of Whales: Towards a Solution to the International Whaling Controversy.”
Sarah Zaslow ’08, Religion, “The Priest and the Patriot: The Equality Arguments of the Conservative Christian Public Interest Law Movement.”
Undergraduate Theses, 2006-2007
Cassandra DeBenedetto ’07, Religion, “Encountering Christianity: The Continuity and Change of Catholic Identity in China.”
Jonathan Elist ’07, Woodrow Wilson School, “Hegemonic or Demonic? Responding to US Conceptions of Iranian Foreign Policy.”
Maital Friedman ’07, Religion, “Defying and Defining Gender: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Female Missionaries in Kenya.”
Grace Kim ’07, Sociology, “Thou Shalt Show Me the Money: Tithing Practices and the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ in Korean and Korean-American Megachurches.”
Silvio Martinez ’07, Woodrow Wilson School, “The Truth Shall Set you Free: Religious Resistance to Totalitarian Regimes.”
David Minnick ’07, French and Italian, “Looking Beyond the Cloister: Understanding Cluny’s Interactions with the Outside World (910-1156)
Christine J. Murphy ’07, Art & Archaeology, “Outside In: The Side Wound of Christ in the New Visual Culture of the Late Medieval Period.”
Helen Rogers ’07, History, “Meekness and Firmness: The Growth of Quaker Publicity in Revolutionary Pennsylvania.”
Christian Sahner ’07, Art & Archaeology, “Heaven on Earth in Late Antiquity: Rome, Constantinople, and the New Jerusalem.”
Sanhita Sen ’07, Politics, “Party Moderation in India: A Comparative Analysis of Two Radical Parties.”
Undergraduate Theses, 2005-2006
Alexander Heckscher ’06, Religion, “From All Tribes and Nations: Chinese Conversion to Evangelical Christianity in America.”
Jennifer Hong ’06, Religion, “The Enlightenment of Science: The Science of Enlightenment; Buddhism, Neuroscience and Politics Intersect.”
Jeremy Golubcow-Teglasi ’06, Religion, “Truth, Power, and Coherence: Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes and the Theology of the Law.”
Elizabeth Landau ’06, Anthropology, “The Inversion of the Conversion: Conversos, Judaism, and Memory in Modern Spain.”
Alexandra Nee ’06, Religion, “Advertising Happiness in Black and White: New Thought and the American Dream Visualized, 1900-1920.”
Ali Shames-Dawson ’06, Religion, “Permutations of the Prophetic Paradigm: From Moses to Martin Luther King, Jr.”
Julian Clare Sully ’06, Religion, “Journeys Close to Home: Former Roman Catholic Priests in the Episcopal Priesthood.”
Dylan Tatz ’06, Religion, “Yearning for a Voluntary Diaspora: The Place of Israel in American Jewish Identity as Reflected in Recent Philanthropy.”
S. Kean Tonetti ’06, Religion, “Healing Sexuality: Sin, Purity, and Intimacy in Contemporary Christian Abstinence Literature.”
Undergraduate Theses, 2004-2005
Jennifer Albinson ’05, “Mothers of a Revolution: Gender Politics and Grassroots Leadership in the Civil Rights Movement.”
Evan Baehr ’05, Woodrow Wilson School, “Faith and Fatherhood: Religious Congregations, Fatherhood Involvement, and Child Wellbeing.”
Joy Igbokwe ’05, Sociology, “United We Fall: Domestic Violence and the Muslims, Christians, and Traditionalists of Nigeria.”
Juan Lessing ’05, Art & Archaeology, “The ‘Visible and the Unseen’: Indo-Persian Composite Animals of the 16th Century.”
Catherine Pack ’05, Art & Archaeology, “The American Mosque.”
Nelson Reveley ’05, Religion, “Martyrdom and Mississippi in the Civil Rights Movement, 1955-1964.”
Jack Thirolf ’06, Comparative Literature, “Plasticity within Constancy: Contradictory Readings of Jorge Amado’s Mar Morto
Undergraduate Theses, 2003-2004
Amanda Alexander ’04, Religion, “Bread of Mercy, Stone of Justice: A Eucharistic Reading of Anselm on the Atonement.”
Kenya Avant ’04, Sociology, “Leavin’ Church, Keepin’ Religion: Correlates of Church Attendance in the African American Community.”
Daniel Bekavac Jr. ’04, Philosophy, “An Either/Or: The Choice Between the ‘Aesthetic’ or the ‘Abstracted Moral’ Ways of Life.”
Matt Bieber ’05, Philosophy, “About Seven Months: Reflections on Living Well.”
Haylee Cohen ’04, Near Eastern Studies, “Al-Qaeda in the Footsteps of the Ikhwan: Religious-Political Opposition Movements in Saudi Arabia.”
Juan Lessing ’05, Art & Archaeology, “The Sum of its Parts: A Mughal Composite Elephant in the Princeton Art Museum.”
Timothy Mackenzie ’04, Religion, “Young Life and FOCUS: Proclamation and Fellowship in Youth Ministry.”
John Matsui ’04, History, “The Radical Moment: The Abolitionist Harvest of 1862.”
Christopher McKallagat ’04, Anthropology, “Positive Realities: The Experience of Women with HIV/AIDS in Ghana.”
Brooke Meserole ’04, Anthropology, “The Megachurch: An Expression of American Culture.”
Kristina Scurry ’04, Woodrow Wilson School, “Violence, Rejection and Faith: The Experiences of Women Living with HIV and AIDS in a South African Township.”
Konrad Wysocki ’04, Architecture, “The New Skyline and Topography of Dubai: National Symbolism as a Means of Development.”