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A (Presumably Chinese) Tantric Scripture and Its Exegetical Practices: The Yuqijing (Yogin Sutra) in Medieval Japan

The Yuqijing (Jingangfeng louge yiqie yujia yuqi jing, T 867) is often listed as one of the most important scriptures of Tantric Buddhism in East Asia, but its content and contribution to the esoteric system have so far been little […]

Buddhist Studies Workshop: The Philosophy and Practice of Confession in Chinese Buddhism, 10th-13th Centuries

Lecture on confession in Buddhism by Shengkai (Tsinghua University).

Buddhist Studies Workshop: Cultures of Sound: Lineages and Languages of Sutra Recitation in Goshirakawa’s Japan

Buddhist Studies Workshop with Charlotte Eubanks, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Japanese & Asian Studies, Penn State University

This talk examines the culture of musical recitation of sutras in and around the Japanese court. I argue that medieval acoustic and performance-based […]

The Way and the Words: Religion and Poetry in Medieval China

Conference on Religion and Literature in Medieval China: “The Way and the Words: Religion and Poetry in Medieval China, a Conference in Honor of Stephen Bokenkamp.”

Schedule and registration at: https://the-way-and-the-words.princeton.edu/

Buddhist Studies Workshop: Lay Congregations in Chinese Buddhism (Lecture in Chinese)

Lecture (in Chinese) by HAO Chunwen (Capital Normal University, Beijing). Buffet dinner following.

BCA Conference 2017: Readings of the Bodhicaryāvatāra

All day Conference devoted to the Bodhicaryāvatāra (BCA), a Buddhist Sanskrit text from the 8th century in India.

For more information, visit the conference website.

2017 Buddhist Manuscript Cultures Conference

Friday, Jan. 20, keynote lecture in McCormick 101
Saturday and Sunday conference in Jones 202.

View full conference website here.

Master Hongyi’s Formative Years: The Training and Transformation of a 20th-century Chinese Buddhist Monk

Buddhist Studies Workshop with Raoul Birnbaum

Raoul Birnbaum, Institute for Advanced Study and University of California-Santa Cruz, will give a Buddhist Studies Workshop lecture on Hongyi, an early 20th century Chinese Buddhist monk and calligrapher.

Hongyi Dashi (1880-1942) was a pre-eminent figure […]

Did the Buddha(s) teach any dharma according to Nāgārjuna?

Buddhist Studies Workshop Lecture by Shoryu Katsura, Professor Emeritus of Hiroshima University, Former Director of BARC at Ryukoku University

ABSTRACT: In the prevalent version of the Mūlamadhyamakakārikā (MMK) Nāgārjuna makes a salutation to the Buddha or Gautama in the dedicatory verses as well as […]

International Forum on Modern Chinese Buddhism

A one-day event featuring short presentations and discussion.  For more information, visit the event website: http://csr.princeton.edu/modernchinesebuddhism/

Sponsored by the Buddhist Studies Workshop.