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Global Enlightenment Conference

This conference intends to scrutinize the unexamined legacies of the Enlightenment from a global perspective. The long-eighteenth century (1680 to 1820) was once understood as the historical era during which the West became secular—intellectual, cultural and political institutions liberated from […]

Race and Religion in the Americas and the Atlantic World: A Conference in Honor of María Elena Martínez

This conference is in honor of the late historian, María Elena Martinez, whose work and influence crossed disciplinary, regional, and temporal borders. An area of her scholarship that has had a particularly broad impact has been rethinking the history of […]

Second Annual Undergraduate Jewish Studies Conference

The Undergraduate Judaic Studies Conference (UJSC) brings together undergraduate students from different college campuses and academic fields to present and discuss their research and connect with other highly motivated undergraduates.

For more information, please visit the conference website.

CSR is pleased to co-sponsor […]

Epic Tales from India: Paintings from The San Diego Museum of Art

Exhibition at the Princeton University Art Museum

Indian paintings are usually admired as individual works of art, framed and hung on museum walls, but viewing them this way reveals only part of their story. Most of these paintings come from books and […]

Out of Africa, Back to Africa: Transnationalizing African Religions and Care Globally

A Conversation Between: Afe Adogame, Religion Scholar, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Cati Coe, Anthropologist, Rutgers University

Opening lecture for the Program in African Studies 2016-2017 Lecture Series
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Northeast Milton Seminar Annual Meeting

Featuring keynote lecture by Laura Knoppers, Notre Dame University, Golden Bands and Gaudy Slaughter: The Politics of Luxury from Milton’s Samson Agonistes to Dryden’s All for Love.

Codes of Conduct: How to Behave in the Middle Ages

Medieval Studies Graduate Conference

Beyond Authority: Transmission and Tradition in Late Antiquity

The “Beyond Authority” conference seeks to develop a vocabulary that avoids the pitfalls of reducing historical processes to the vague metaphor of “authority.” We will focus on the transmission of texts and traditions in Late Antiquity as a series of […]

Biennial Graduate Student Symposium in East Asian Art

co-sponsored by the Buddhist Studies Workshop and the Tang Center for East Asian Art

The Inaugural Undergraduate Judaic Studies Conference

Peering into that nebulous collective that we sometimes call “Jewish,” you might find sacred scriptures or TV stars, the martyrs of Mainz or the manifesto of Marx, a poet in Granada or a synagogue in Sao Paulo, and maybe even […]