Discussing Dāna: A One-Day Symposium on Buddhist Charity

Charity (Sanskrit: dāna, derived from the same Indo-European root as Latin: dōnum, gift) is the most fundamental of all Buddhist virtues, and rituals of donation are important throughout Buddhism. This day-long symposium is intended to help develop conversations about dāna […]

From Biology to Biography: The Ascent to Spiritual Awareness

Lecture by William Hurlbut, MD

Co-sponsored with the Center of Theological Inquiry.

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As evolutionary theory has become the unifying principle of interpretation of the organic world, it has raised difficult questions about the source […]

“Blessed and Highly Favored!”: The Cultural Appeal of the “Health and Wealth” Gospel in the USA

Jonathan Walton is Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church, Harvard University, and Professor of Religion and Society, Harvard Divinity School.  He is a social ethicist and scholar of American religions whose research addresses the […]

Taking Meditation Seriously (But Not Too Much)

Buddhist Studies Workshop with Georges B. J. Dreyfus

There’s Nothing Special about Religion

A discussion of the cognitive science of religion with Paul Bloom. Co-sponsored with the Center of Theological Inquiry

“Most people believe in deities, immaterial souls, life after death, and the divine creation of humans and other animals. Research from developmental psychology […]

Nine Evolutionary Myths: The Closing of the Darwinian Mind?

Lecture by Simon Conway Morris, University of Cambridge. 2013 marks the tenth anniversary of his groundbreaking work, Life’s Solution: Inevitable Humans in a Lonely Universe.

“Science thrives on two themes: predictability and the sense that there is still work to be […]

Living Faith: Everyday Religion and Mothers in Poverty

A lecture by Susan Crawford Sullivan, College of the Holy Cross, on her new book. Sullivan’s book was awarded the 2012 best new book prize from the Sociology of Religion Section of the American Sociological Association.
“In Sullivan’s wonderfully detailed and […]

Paging God: Religion in the Halls of Medicine

Wendy Cadge’s second book, Paging God: Religion in the Halls of Medicine, looks at the ways hospital caregivers, particularly chaplains, think and talk about religion and religious diversity in their daily work. Cadge will respond to comments from Elizabeth Mitchell […]

Breaking Free from Financial Slavery

The Rev. Dr. DeForest “Buster” Soaries, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, shares the practical wisdom of his experience pursuing faith-based strategies for economic empowerment in the 2013 Doll Lecture on Religion and Money.

Dr. Soaries is the […]

Becoming Human: Community, Compassion, Conflict and the Inference of Religion in Human Evolution

Over the last two million years members of the genus Homo (humans) underwent significant changes in brains, bodies, and behavior and created a new niche, a new way of being in the world. A primary characteristic of this niche is […]