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Doll Family Interview on Religion and Money with Myron “Mike” Ullman

Video available here:

The Doll Family Lectureship on Religion and Money was established by Henry C. Doll ’58 and his family. It reflects the family’s longstanding interest in the subject of philanthropy and its relationship with religion.  The Doll Family […]

Codes of Conduct: How to Behave in the Middle Ages

Medieval Studies Graduate Conference

A Pre-History of Theravāda Buddhism

Please join us on Thursday, April 14 at 4:30 pm in the Seminar Room of 5 Ivy Lane

for a Buddhist Studies Workshop with

Anne M. Blackburn (Cornell University)

“A Pre-history of Theravāda Buddhism”

Lecture and discussion, followed by informal buffet dinner


Anne M. Blackburn is […]

The Texas Textbook Controversy: Crossroads Discussion with Jennifer Graber

Last year, along with academics across Texas, Professor Jennifer Graber signed on to a report circulated by the Texas Freedom Network pointing to imbalance and bias in the new Texas history textbooks’ representations of non-Christian religions, as well as misleading statements […]

Judaism in Modern Philosophy: Spinoza, Hermann Cohen, and the Legacies of German Idealism

Visit conference website for more information and to register.

Beyond Authority: Transmission and Tradition in Late Antiquity

The “Beyond Authority” conference seeks to develop a vocabulary that avoids the pitfalls of reducing historical processes to the vague metaphor of “authority.” We will focus on the transmission of texts and traditions in Late Antiquity as a series of […]

Biennial Graduate Student Symposium in East Asian Art

co-sponsored by the Buddhist Studies Workshop and the Tang Center for East Asian Art

The Inaugural Undergraduate Judaic Studies Conference

Peering into that nebulous collective that we sometimes call “Jewish,” you might find sacred scriptures or TV stars, the martyrs of Mainz or the manifesto of Marx, a poet in Granada or a synagogue in Sao Paulo, and maybe even […]

Creating an Economy of Inclusion: Faith Active in Politics

This year’s Doll Family Lecture on Religion and Money will be given by Simone Campbell, SSS.  Sister Simone is Executive Director of NETWORK, a National Catholic Social Justice Lobby.  She is a religious leader, attorney and poet with extensive experience […]

International Conference on Buddhist Manuscript Cultures

For more information, visit the conference website at:


AKAO Eikei (Kyoto National Museum), Two Outstanding Tang Manuscripts in the Kyoto National Museum’s Moriya Collection

Stefan Baums (Institute for Indian and Tibetan Studies, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), Inventing the Pothi: […]