BCA Conference 2017: Readings of the Bodhicaryāvatāra

All day Conference devoted to the Bodhicaryāvatāra (BCA), a Buddhist Sanskrit text from the 8th century in India.

For more information, visit the conference website.

2017 Buddhist Manuscript Cultures Conference

Friday, Jan. 20, keynote lecture in McCormick 101
Saturday and Sunday conference in Jones 202.

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Northeast Milton Seminar Annual Meeting

Featuring keynote lecture by Laura Knoppers, Notre Dame University, Golden Bands and Gaudy Slaughter: The Politics of Luxury from Milton’s Samson Agonistes to Dryden’s All for Love.

The Texas Textbook Controversy: Crossroads Discussion with Jennifer Graber

Last year, along with academics across Texas, Professor Jennifer Graber signed on to a report circulated by the Texas Freedom Network pointing to imbalance and bias in the new Texas history textbooks’ representations of non-Christian religions, as well as misleading statements […]

Beyond Authority: Transmission and Tradition in Late Antiquity

The “Beyond Authority” conference seeks to develop a vocabulary that avoids the pitfalls of reducing historical processes to the vague metaphor of “authority.” We will focus on the transmission of texts and traditions in Late Antiquity as a series of […]

Believing What we Read: Fiction and Credulity in the Long Eighteenth Century

Micro-Symposium.  Speakers: Deidre Lynch, Harvard, “Conviction in Hogg’s Confessions”; Elaine Auyoung, Minnesota, “Austen’s Enduring Forms of Life”; and Sophie Gee, Department of English, Princeton.  Co-Respondents: Kelly Swartz and Priyanka Jacob, Doctoral Candidates in the Department of English.

Adventures in Religious Reading: Paths to the Christian Past in Renaissance Europe

Keynote Lecture by Anthony Grafton, Henry Putnam University Professor of History.

Grafton is the author, co-author, or editor of a number of works in the history of books and reading, including New Worlds, Ancient Texts: The Power of Tradition and the Shock […]

Workshop on Book History and Religious Studies

The goal of this workshop is to bring the methodologies of book history to bear on a broad range of religious-studies questions in a series of focused discussions. Engaging with book history from the standpoint of religious studies brings to […]

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Scripturalization: A Theory of the Politics of Language

Keynote Lecture by Vincent Wimbush, Founding Director, Institute for Signifying Scriptures

Wimbush is author or editor of more than twelve books, including White Men’s Magic: Scripturalization as Slavery (Oxford University Press, 2012); MisReading America: Scriptures and Difference (OUP, 2013); Theorizing Scriptures […]

Placing Ancient Texts: The Rhetorical and Ritual Use of Space

An Interdisciplinary Conference at Princeton University
Conference Co-Organizers: Mika Ahuvia and Alex Kocar, Department of Religion
Faculty Sponsor: Moulie Vidas, Department of Religion
This conference will bring together faculty and advanced graduate students from Religion, Classics, History, Near Eastern Studies, and Archaeology to […]