The Center enriches Princeton University's curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students through sponsoring Freshman Seminars, advanced undergraduate courses, and two graduate student seminars. 


Freshman Seminars

Freshman seminars provide a unique opportunity for students to work in a small setting with a professor and a few other students on a topic of special interest.

Advanced Undergraduate Courses

The sponsorship of new undergraduate courses is part of the Center's commitment to scholarly research and teaching that examines religion theoretically, comparatively, and empirically in its diverse historical and contemporary manifestations.


Culture, Society and Religion Workshop

The Culture, Society and Religion Workshop is a weekly interdisciplinary seminar exploring religion in its diverse historical, contemporary, philosophical, and literary manifestations. CCSR graduate student fellows, postdoctoral fellows, and affiliated scholars present work-in-progress (usually related to a chapter of…

Media Team

The Religion and the Public Conversation (RPC) Media Team is a weekly interdisciplinary seminar exploring the uses and potentials for religion scholarship for various publics, and equipping students with tools to integrate their research with contemporary media landscapes. Media Team fellows, postdoctoral fellows, and affiliated scholars learn together to distill their work for non-academic audiences, develop media production skills such as script-writing and video editing, workshop one another’s public-facing scholarship, and collaborate to produce works that are hosted on the CCSR website.