The Center enriches Princeton University's curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students through sponsoring Freshman Seminars, advanced undergraduate courses, and two graduate student seminars. 


Freshman Seminars

Freshman seminars provide a unique opportunity for students to work in a small setting with a professor and a few other students on a topic of special interest.

Advanced Undergraduate Courses

This year, the Center is sponsoring one advanced undergraduate course.

Culture, Society and Religion Workshop

The Culture, Society and Religion Workshop is a weekly interdisciplinary seminar exploring religion in its diverse historical, contemporary, philosophical, and literary manifestations. CCSR graduate student fellows, postdoctoral fellows, and affiliated scholars present work-in-progress (usually related to a chapter of…


Religion and Culture Workshop

The Religion and Culture Workshop is a weekly interdisciplinary seminar for the discussion of work in progress by CCSR dissertation fellows and visiting scholars. The goal of the workshop is to foster a writers’ group in which participants present work-in-progress (usually related to a chapter of their dissertation or book…

Religion and Public Life Workshop

The Religion and Public Life Workshop began in 2004-2005. CCSR Director Jonathan Gold leads this weekly interdisciplinary seminar that brings together faculty, postdoctoral and affiliate fellows, and Graduate…