Feb 17, 2023, 9:00 am5:00 pm


Event Description

In a day-long conversation, this workshop alternates between close study of selections from writings of the German Idealist philosophers Fichte, Shelling and Hegel on the one side and a selections from Buddhist writings in the Yogācāra tradition—the “Reality” (Tattvārtha) chapter of the Bodhisattva Stages (Bodhisattvabhūmi), Distinguishing the Middle from the Extremes (Madhyāntavibhāga), Twenty Verses and Exposition (Viṃśikābhāṣya), Analysis of the Three Natures (Trisvabhāvanirdeśa), as well as tantric songs (dohas) of Virupa and a summary of the Sakya View by Thukwan Losang Chokye Nyima. 

The workshop does not formally require that any given Buddhist or German philosophers be brought into comparison. Connections and divergences, we expect, will emerge organically throughout our conversation. We want to see where the conversation leads us in understanding these philosophies that, at least on a first read, do seem to circle common issues of mind, representation, emptiness, and the proper methods of coming to know reality. If that is so, what accounts for these convergences, and how do the traditions and authors differ in their approaches to these issues? If, on the other hand, the resonances between the traditions are more apparent than real, what makes such illusions appear in the minds of philosophers? 

Each stage of the discussion will be led by a scholar with expertise in one text tradition or the other.


8:30                 Breakfast 

8:45                 Welcome: Comments by Alexander Englert and Jonathan Gold 

9:00-9:45          B3: Twenty Verses and Exposition & B5: Virupa’s Treasury of Dohas
Discussion Lead: Jonathan Gold 

9:45-10:30        G1: Fichte, Guide to a Blessed Life
Discussion Lead: Alexander Englert 

10:30-10:45      Break 

10:45-11:30      B6: Chokyi Nyima on the Sakya View
Discussion Lead: Allison Aitken  

11:30-12:15      G2: Schelling, “On the Nature of Philosophy as Science”
Discussion Lead: Marcela García-Romero 

12:15-1:30        Lunch 

1:30-2:15          B1: Distinguishing the Middle from the Extremes & B4: Analysis of the Three Natures
Discussion Lead: Mario D’Amato  

2:15-3:30          G3: Hegel, Science of Logic
Discussion Lead: James Kreines 

3:30-4:15          B2: Asanga
Discussion Lead: Eyal Aviv 

4:15-4:30          Break 

4:30-6:00          Open Forum Discussion

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6:30                 Dinner for Participants  

Workshop organized by Alex Englert and Jonathan Gold.