CCSR is dedicated to facilitating and sharing research in the study of religion. In addition to supporting research and interdisciplinary exchange, this includes disseminating the fruits of religion scholarship to the Princeton campus and broader public—the mission of the CCSR Media Team.

While there are many resources available on topics in the study of religion across campus and across the web, CCSR’s outward-facing scholarship focuses its attention on the question of just what the study of religion contributes in the various venues where it is valued. In the “Religion and the Public Conversation” series (RPC), the goal is to discuss in detail how a given scholar’s work and the study of religion more broadly helps to correct persistent errors, raise new questions, and elevate public discourse. In the “It’s Useful to Know” series (IUK), researchers share something from their speciality that they wish more people knew—and they envision the benefit of more people knowing it.

The CCSR Media Team, then, approaches media production with the goal of shedding light on the study of religion by elucidating, exemplifying and critiquing its significance. It shows what people who study religion do, why it matters to scholars and educators within the various disciplines, and why it deserves a place in ongoing conversations around politics and society.